AirLAN – Enterprise Services

Dynamic, scalable and cost efficient; AirLAN is Air Networks’ Enterprise based service. Available in two options, AirLAN is designed to provide your enterprise with precisely the functionality you require, no costly add-ons and no strings attached.

AirLAN IP Transit: The service that connects your enterprise to the internet at lightning fast speeds. Delivered over carrier-grade microwave technology with no data limits, AirLAN IP Transit offers the speed of fibre; without the associated costs & constraints. The service can be delivered to almost any location quickly and easily, and can be tailored to suit any enterprise requirement.

AirLAN P2P: Designed to connect multiple offices and provide a stable, cost effective Wide Area Network. AirLAN P2P is designed to accommodate enterprise security and SLA requirements.

AirLAN IP Transit & AirLAN P2P can be implemented simultaneously and can be configured to operate on the same company network.

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AirXtreme – Business Plans

Targeted toward businesses & designed to accommodate all sizes, AirXtreme microwave Internet services provide reliable high-speed and cost-effective solutions to businesses in Victoria.

AirXtreme plans are structured to cater for the needs of any business size. Available plans include AirXtreme-SOHO, the plan best suited for small or home based businesses, AirXtreme-SMB, the perfect option for small-medium businesses & AirXtreme-SMB Plus – 20Mbps/20Mbps with no data limits & 24X7 Phone Support.

Unlike traditional fixed wired or wireless services, AirXtreme offers parallel downstream & upstream speeds! This benefits businesses with cloud or locally-hosted applications & services, and thus provides a greater level of IT delivery assurance.

Further, with any SOHO or SMB service, Air Networks also provide the option of managing your endpoint router. This option permits us the ability to fully monitor the integrity of your business connection and ensure that you stay connected as often as possible. To find out more, please visit this article

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AirHome – Residential Plans

Designed to provide a stable, cost effective, high-speed microwave based internet service to customers located outside traditional internet service areas, our residential internet solutions are the perfect addition to almost any home within Victoria^.

AirHome plans have been structured to outperform your current fixed wired or wireless services. Our range of plans start from the Concession Plan, to Lite, Medium & Ultimate – our premier service offering.

All new AirHome services now come bundled with our “Managed Endpoint Router” service offering. More information on our M.E.R program is available here

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*Advertised speeds are the maximum link speed per plan. Average speeds are 8-15mbps and do vary based on several key factors; peak times, network load, network outages or impairment, sites or services being accessed, severe weather or conditions beyond our control. See our Terms & Conditionsfor more details.

Installation costs based on standard installation on a 1mtr pole. Additional work will be quoted before proceeding. The installation costs can be paid monthly alongside your standard service fee if required. Conditions apply

^Victoria-wide coverage is available through an external provider commissioned by Air Networks. Services are delivered over this provider’s network & are not managed, supported or maintained by Air Networks. AirHome plans & costs do not apply using this option.